Drive Wheels from scratch

For my drive wheels, I want them to use some drive sprockets that sit on the outside of the conveyor belt (if you’re confused, read yesterdays post about Tracks).   But I figure why not also use some friction to my advantage, so I decided to have the conveyor belt roll along some rubber wheels (similar to those on the front of a lawn mower) , while at the same time have the drive sprockets push my overhanging treads.

I started with 2 floor flanges for 3/4″ pipe, and a 3″ length of threaded pipe:


Then I use 4 bolts while I weld it to make sure everything’s nice and square:

After welding it up, I have some of the plastic/rubber wheels, drill aligning holes, and will eventually drill the same holes into the drive sprockets (the wood things).  These are 2 pieces of 5/8″ plywood glued together for now. They should hold up ok, if not, I will remake them out of something stronger later.  Here are a couple of pics of what it should look like when assembled (still need to finish the other drive sprocket on the bottom):

Finally, there will be a 5/8″ axle or long bolt going through the drive wheels.  This will either be a live half-axle, or fixed and the drive wheels will have their own bearings and have a pulley on the end.  I will deal with that later, much bigger fish to fry for the time being.