Track treads, and some 3d

Ok, I did a litte math to get an idea of how many treads I will need on the conveyor belts to make the tracks.

My drive sprocket is 8 tooth (thus, 8 valley’s or, the part between the teeth).   Diameter of the drive sprocket is 6″, so the circumference is:  18.84

So every 18.84 inches along the track, there needs to be 8 treads.

The track is 129″ long, so, to figure the number of treads per track, setup a little ratio/cross multiply:

8                    X
——–   = ———
18.84          129

X = 54 treads per track

So, I need 108 treads total.  not too bad I guess.   As long as making each one doesn’t require too many steps.

Ok, now for the fun stuff.  Finally did some 3d modeling in Blender3d (it’s a very slick, free program, look it up), as you can see from the new main page image.

I plan on building the body in 2 stages.  First, the tub, and rolling chasis.  Then a front nose piece and the rest of the body.  Something like this, do enjoy:



  1. can’t wait to see it!

  2. SWEET!!!,

    With the additon of alternate materiels, like the UHMW, things will be super strong, and smooth…Also the tracks if made from UHMW will tend to slide easier when friction turning is required….

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