Frame design

After building the frame in Blender3d, I have a real good idea of how it needs to look.  However, my 3d rendering is not to scale.  So I have to do a 2d side view of the frame to determine it’s proper dimensions.

For  the people that like “plans”, this is about as close as I get.   If the dimensions aren’t perfect, I can make up for it by moving the bogies (and roller wheels) up or down until everything is about the right shape.

So, I used my drawing from TrackMath, and modified it to figure out the frames dimensions.  I did make one slight change from  the 3d model, which was having a small flat part in the back, instead of a straight 45-degrees to the top rail.

The frame is of course, the thick blue line.   That’s pretty much that.  I know, nothing ground-breaking here, but a necessary step nevertheless.   And most importantly.. it means I can begin the frame construction soon!

I’m going to use square tube, probably like 3/4″ OD.  I will decide for sure once I feel the actual material, and get an idea of weight.

I also need to decide exactly how wide to make the frame.   I can’t think of a good way to do that, other than pretty much winging it.  Total width will be around 3ft, but this frame will fit inside the tracks, so about 2ft wide… I guess.


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