Bogies and Roller Wheels

Bogies are the sets of roller wheels, which provide the track with its means of suspension.  I have considered a few different designs, including the two below which are loosely based on the M3/M4 Sherman tank.  I think for simplicity I will go with the One Spring design, since often times simple is better.

The main difference between the track and bogey system I’m using, versus from an M3/M4 Sherman, is I am using an inside, and an outside row of roller wheels.  These roller wheels will ride around 1 row of blocks on the inside of the track, which will keep the track from coming off.  An M3/M4 uses 2 rows of these alignment blocks, an inside and an outside, with just 1 row of roller wheels between those.     The reason to do it like I am, is having a few extra rolling wheels seems easier than making 2 sets of inner alignment blocks, where you need to do hundreds of them.  There are a few other reasons, but no one really cares.

Still not sure exactly what material to make the bogey pieces out of.  Leaning toward UHMW plastic, or possibly aluminum, trying to keep it fairly light.


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