Hull, frame, and a little luck

Sometimes, when building a project  like this, nothing works better than a little luck.

I have figured out the plans for the frame, although I don’t have a set width decided on yet.  And my plan before today’s epiphany was to buy some steel sheet metal for the sides and bottom of the hull, and weld it on, with either some home-done long bends, or really long seam welds.  Which are both totally fine, I can do such a thing.   BUT, if I can have some nice, factory done edges, and not have to pay for the steel, that’s a no brainer right?

Then, I remember I have this thin metal wardrobe closet thingy in my shop.  It currently has my shop rags in it, and it’s totally in the way, in the middle of the floor.    It is about the right height, and about the right depth to flip on it’s back, make some cuts, and weld my frame to the inside of it.   The only problem is it’s too wide, so I will need to taker a strip out of the middle of it, and weld it back together.

I have also decided on the steel for the frame tubing, I got some 3/4″ square tube .065 thickness.

Here’s the basic plan of attack :

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