Drive Sprockets almost done

Ok, I finally made some really good progress on the drive sprockets.   I cut out all 4 (2 for each drive wheel).  I had to spend a little time making a homemade router table for my router, but once I finished that, I was in business.

So, after being cut out, due to the bending of jigsaw blade, they needed some cleanup done on them.   So I put a straight bit on the router, and just used it to shave the jagged edges, like this:

Then I put a chamfering bit on the router, which cuts a diagonal edge.  Before on the right, after on the left:

Here they are, they turned out great.

All I have left to do now, is drill the holes to bolt it to the drive wheels, and drill a 1-3/8″ hole in the center for the bearing to fit it.    Here’s the bearing I’m using:

Also, finished both hubs for the drive wheels, so they are almost done.   Once the drive wheels are finished, that is huge, cause I will be able to start working on the tracks, since I’ll know the exact spacing for the treads on the tracks.