Bogies bogies bogies

Bogies are one of the more daunting and crucial tasks in a tank.   First, there is the sheer numbers:  6 bogeys, 12 bogey arms, 24 road wheels, 6 small roller wheels.

They are also important, functionally, as they provide the tanks suspension, keep the track from coming off, and give the tank it’s ground clearance.

I did the math on the bogies placements, etc, to determine the desired length of the bogey arms and where to put vertical frame supports (the bogies will attach to the the frame supports rather than the thin wall of the hull):

Then, as you can see in the bottom of the picture, I determined if those numbers work on the actual frame I have made.  I made a cardboard version of the bogies to help me do this:

I used the cardboard template on the 3/4″ thick UHMW (using gray should make them look cool), and will begin cutting those out soon.  I got very lucky all 6 just happened to fit..  it took me a few tries to get them to all fit, and at least there won’t be a lot of wasted material:

Here are the little roller wheels, like 2.5″ diameter, that go ontop of the bogies, to hold up the track and keep it from hanging down and rubbing the bogies and stuff.  These were actually given to me from a Plastics place, which is always nice:


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  1. Very detailed tank construction blog. With the effort you are putting to this project your tank should be pretty impressive. I will follow your progress, and look foward to seeing your tank come together!

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