Bogies again

I began cutting out the pieces for the bogies.

First, the main bogey assembly pieces (gray), and then the bogey arms (black).   I need to make 4 more bogey arms… I ran out of that thickness of UHMW, so need to go get a small chunk.  It’s the same thickness as the drive sprockets, 3/4″.  I still need to drill holes, run the bolts, cut the springs, make the spacer blocks which go between the bogey assembly and the hull, etc.  But they are starting to look like something, which is cool.

I also cut the road wheels (aka bogey wheels) out of a solid cylinder of UHMW, 5-1/8″ diameter.  I’m cutting 7/8″ thick discs for the wheels:

Here I cut a spring, and set everything up to see what it would look like assembled… pretty darn awesome… and might even work, haha: