Just more busy work…

Not many landmark milestones being hit these days.  Just chipping away at boring stuff.  Did some fiberglass epoxy on the interior seems of the hull, and will add fiberglass cloth to those seems soon.

I am also going through the bear of a process that is cutting the road wheels (aka bogey wheels).  Cutting a 6″ thick cylinder of UHMW with a dull blade on your miter saw is less than ideal.  And at the rate I’m going, I may only have enough for about 12 to 14 wheels, and I need 24.  Uggh.  Wondering if I should just look around and buy the wheels from somewhere.  Hopefully I can go find another cylinder of the same diameter at the Plastics place.  If not, i will have to cut them out the hard way, jig saw from a flat piece.

Here is the cutting process, with plastic shavings all over the place:


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  1. […] started with making 12 of them by cutting slices from a solid cylinder of UHMW.  This works great for having a perfectly round rolling surface. […]

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