Hull and frame about to become one

Although it doesn’t look like I’ve done much, I did a few things I was previously putting off, and finished up the bogey mounts.   I finished up some welds I never quite did on all 4 sides of the joints, and ground down all the welds that were sticking out off the frame, which would have kept the hull from fitting right.   So, without further ado, today’s pictures…

Here’s the outside of the bogey mounts where I ground the welds flat, flush with the frame:

Here, you can see I finished fiberglassing the inner seams:

Here is the frame inside of the now really-close-to-being-finished hull:

All the hull needs now is some more sanding, maybe some more fiberglass resin in places, and of course, my favorite part… paint.  But for now, I have the frame sitting in there so I can drill all those holes through the hull, so I can then mount the bogies, and the rear idler arms.  I will also drill holes in a few other places where the frame and hull will be bolted together.


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