Roads wheels slowly coming along

I need 24 total road wheels.  6 bogies x 2 bogie arms x 2 wheels per bogie arm= 24.

I started with making 12 of them by cutting slices from a solid cylinder of UHMW.  This works great for having a perfectly round rolling surface.  But my chop saw doesn’t go all the way through, so I have to rotate it a couple times, which creates an uneven surface.  So these will be used for the back (inside) row of wheels that is harder to see.

For the outer row which are much more visible, I am cutting the wheels out of flat 3/4″ UHMW.

No short cuts here, just lots of cutting with the jigsaw.

Once they are all rough cut, I will use one of the wheels cut from the cylinder as a guide with the router to make these closer to perfectly round.


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