More wiring

There was one issue with my wiring design.  The DPDT relay only had Forward or Reverse, it doesn’t have an “off” condition like the DPDT switch does.  To handle this, I had to install a normal automotive type relay before the other relay.  This new relay defaults to off, then when the switch is on in either direction, it allows the main current to flow to the DPDT relay.    I wired everything up to the scooter, and was able to switch the direction of one of the wheels, which was a fairly big milestone.

Here is my mess of wires while I was wiring it all up:

And here is the updated wiring diagram, which I tried to incorporate a few actual electrical symbols.  Note that this is only for one side… each side will have this same wiring for me to control each motor separately:

Motors and wiring

Well after a few-month-long hiatus cause of moving houses, I am back to tank building.  I got an old mobility scooter that I can use most of, for the tanks powerplant(s).  It has two 24v motors, a speed controller, a governer (basically a 2nd speed controller), a 24v battery charger, and it even has a little transmission type of thing where the motors hook up to some output shafts.  All stuff that if bought separately would cost $Arm.leg.   So here it is:


Here is my attempt at a wiring diagram (electrical engineers please hold back your laughter).    The switches and relays in the diagram are DoublePole-DoubleThrow (DPDT), which basically means On-Off-On, and when wired a certain way, can be switched from Forward-Off-Reverse.    This is needed because the existing speed controller and wiring is setup to obviously power both motors the same direction.  I need the ability to have each motor run independent, directionally, of one another.  I will cover some steering and turning concepts later when I do the levers and stuff.  For now, here is the wiring.  Do enjoy.