Motors and wiring

Well after a few-month-long hiatus cause of moving houses, I am back to tank building.  I got an old mobility scooter that I can use most of, for the tanks powerplant(s).  It has two 24v motors, a speed controller, a governer (basically a 2nd speed controller), a 24v battery charger, and it even has a little transmission type of thing where the motors hook up to some output shafts.  All stuff that if bought separately would cost $Arm.leg.   So here it is:


Here is my attempt at a wiring diagram (electrical engineers please hold back your laughter).    The switches and relays in the diagram are DoublePole-DoubleThrow (DPDT), which basically means On-Off-On, and when wired a certain way, can be switched from Forward-Off-Reverse.    This is needed because the existing speed controller and wiring is setup to obviously power both motors the same direction.  I need the ability to have each motor run independent, directionally, of one another.  I will cover some steering and turning concepts later when I do the levers and stuff.  For now, here is the wiring.  Do enjoy.




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