Chains on, time for a test drive

I got the rear sprockets on without too many hitches:

Then I put the chains on, and tried turning in place in the garage.  Which it did!  The floor is pretty smooth, so it was time to try it outside on the rougher driveway…

Still blew a couple fuses, so need to switch to little circuit breakers.  And I need to finish the gas pedal so it’s a lot easier to drive, currently you need 3 hands to drive it, which is a little tough.

Sprockets, gearing

I have begun the change-over from belts to sprockets, and at the same time, gearing it down to almost 2:1, for twice the torque.  I got some 1/8″ bicycle sprockets (the wider, stronger ones used on BMX and other 1-3 speed bikes).   First thing I had to do, was figure out how to attach the small sprocket to the motor side (which I call “front sprockets” since on a motorcycle, the motor is in the front).
The sprocket was not big enough to drill holes in, and I want to be able to change them, so I had to make a custom sprocket driver.

First,  I used a washer, and cut notches to match the inside of the sprocket:


Then using some large washers, and welding them together, along with a 1/2″ bolt, I made the driver:

So here it is, installed.  Looks like it should work great.  Just need to drill a hole in the bolt threads, for a cotter pin to hold the nut from coming off.

Remember that I am using that big scooter wheel on there, because at some point I will add a band-brake around them.