Sprockets, gearing

I have begun the change-over from belts to sprockets, and at the same time, gearing it down to almost 2:1, for twice the torque.  I got some 1/8″ bicycle sprockets (the wider, stronger ones used on BMX and other 1-3 speed bikes).   First thing I had to do, was figure out how to attach the small sprocket to the motor side (which I call “front sprockets” since on a motorcycle, the motor is in the front).
The sprocket was not big enough to drill holes in, and I want to be able to change them, so I had to make a custom sprocket driver.

First,  I used a washer, and cut notches to match the inside of the sprocket:


Then using some large washers, and welding them together, along with a 1/2″ bolt, I made the driver:

So here it is, installed.  Looks like it should work great.  Just need to drill a hole in the bolt threads, for a cotter pin to hold the nut from coming off.

Remember that I am using that big scooter wheel on there, because at some point I will add a band-brake around them.


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