Body work

I have been working on the parts of the front body piece, where the gunner hatches extend out of the hull. These won’t look like much, until I do more steps later, and finish the tops of these hatches.

I also began working on the fiberglass nose piece.  First I layed out some fiberglass cloth, and soaked it with Resin.  I layed it on a piece of UHMW (green) because once it dries, nothing sticks to UHMW, so I could simply peel it right off.

Here is the completed sheet.  The red lines are where I cut, and the the dotted lines are where it is slightly folded:

Then I layed it on the front area, clamped it in place, and began curving it, and temporarily screwing it in place.  I will next add more layers of fiberglass, and finish the areas that bump out, and once done, it should hold this shape, and be a nice removable nose piece to access the drive system.


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