Main gun firing and elevation systems

I have not posted anything in a while, but I have been slowly working on stuff.  I came up with the firing system, which consists of 2 wheels attached to electric motors, which shoot the ball like a baseball pitching machine.  Initial testing has very good results, I just have to work on a few alignment issues, so the projectile flys straight down the barrel and doesn’t bounce off the sides losing velocity.

Once this was completed (just not yet dialed in all the way, I can worry about that later), and mounted on a bracket so it can pivot, I then began workin on the elevation system, which is what raises and lowers the barrel.

Tthe barrel will be raised and lowerd by hand, almost like how you crank open some windows.  There will be a nut (red in the drawing) on the side of the wood piece, this nut can pivot (more on this later). By adding a cranking arm to the head of a course thread bolt, and by figuring out a way to secure the other end where it can still pivot and spin, it goes through the nut which then raises and lowers the gun/barrel.

Once this stuff is in place, I will finally be able to finish the top of the turret, and begin working on the hatch/cupola.