More turret work, starting hatches

I began making the hatches on top of the turret.  Being a scaled down tank, the hatches would obviously need to be scaled down also.  However, then a person could not fit through them.  To solve this, I am doing a large hatch big enough to get in and out of,  that will be flush and hard to see.  This hatch will then have on it, 2 smaller hatches which are true to scale and will look good. One of these (the round one) will be used to stick your head out of to see when driving.


I am also doing some filler work on the outside of the turret, to smooth it out so it will evetually appear to have been cast like the real ones.  For body filler, I’m using a filler (powder form) that you add to epoxy resin to thicken it into a paste that you can spread smooth, then sand (like bondo).