Laying more color

I finished up the final details of upper hull bodywork, by finishing up the tops of the gunner hatch bump-outs.  I will be adding non-functional hatch doors later (they can’t be big enough to be used).

Then I was able to finish painting the inside of the upper hull.. with a little help..


Then I flipped it over, coated the plywood with epoxy resin, and took it out for it’s first coat of paint!  Still a few areas that show the wood grain that I will sand, smooth with epoxy, then repaint, but its looking pretty good seeing it all one color…

Turret is green!

Well, after attempting to coat the turret in gel coat, having some issues with it not curing on top of epoxy, I ended up scraping off uncured gelcoat, and adding pure hardener to cure the rest. Then I gave the whole turret a good sanding and applied epoxy resin instead. I applied it thickened in a few areas, with a spreader, to fix some flaws from the gel coat, and then brushed a coating of straight resin everywhere. Then I sanded it all again to roughen it up, then sprayed 2 coats of paint.  Later I can install all the hatches, and call it about done (other than some turret ring stuff). There really is nothing better than laying final paint color.