New Power Plant

I got the new power plant and set it in place, and it fit’s great.  It’s a 6.5 hp engine, with 3/4″ output shaft.  I put a 10-tooth sprocket on it because it will be direct drive constantly spinning the 2 counter-rotating shafts.  No clutch or anything is needed, as that is handled by engaging the belts downstream, just like a riding lawn mower.


I also welded in a structure to hold the idler sprocket (which is needed to make the chain drive the shaft sprockets in opposite directions, as explained in a previous post).  The idler sprocket has it’s own 5/8″ bearing, so I just need a short 5/8″ bolt and it’s ready to go.

Now it’s time to make permanent motor mounts, run the chain, and install the drive belts.

Transmission Shafts are in

I finally got the transmission shafts in place.  I built a little rectangle out of steel to bolt the bearings to, so they bolt right in and I can change them as needed.  I had to put in 3/4 thick (white) UHMW spacers for the bottom bearings, for shaft clearance under there.  I also got the double-pulleys onto the the track drive sprockets.  So now I am ready to measure, and go find the (4) v-belts I need.