Firewalls and guards

Since the drivers of the tank are kids, I spent some extra time making impact resistant firewall and chain guard.  The engine firewall is 1/4″ uhmw with wood supports.


The chain runs right next to the driver so I made an enclosure of uhmw and plexiglass.  I used plexi so I can still see the chain to watch alignment, tension, etc.



I reused the levers from the old electric control box.


And now I’m working on a tailpipe to keep exhaust out of the drivers area, gonna fit an o-ring and flange to bolt it on.





  1. Not sure how farther along you are with this from February 2016. I wanted to comment that you may need to vent the new engine’s heat from above by installing grating in the rear deck of the tank. Even a small 12v fan for intake air and blowing air from the lower outside of the rear hull onto the engine may also help. And maybe conceal a small fire extinguisher on the rear of the hull under the overhang now that you’ll have explosive gas and engine heat playing into the equation of operating the Sherman model.

    Actually some real Sherman’s were air cooled with radial air cooled engines!
    Good luck with the build!

    • Thanks, I am planning on making the rear engine hatch louvered, and have definitely considered a fan, since I will have a battery in there anyways to run lights etc. This would help with both heat, and fumes. I have been busy, but am still definitely planning on finishing this motor swap/upgrade. Thanks for lookin

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