Football Pool

Civil War football pool, Beavers-Ducks, November 26th 2016.

$5 per Square, winners paid are:

1st Quarter: $50  Ryan (7-7)
Halftime: $100   Joe (14-14)
3rd Quarter: $50   Pop Pop (21-24)
Final score: $300  Joe (34-24)

(Beavers along the top, Ducks along the left side)

#’s 5 8 9 1 7 0 6 4 2 3
4 Darryl Marnie Jason E Pop pop Amy S Marty Jason E Joe D Amber Steve B
3 Brandon U Mark S Tyler F Dorian Scott B Darryl Tuna Jason W Dustin T Candice W
7 Michelle Tracy S Garrison Jason H Ryan I Cara Dan H Ron T Tracy S Ben D
1 JamesD Cara  Travis Jason H jbrock Amy S Jay R Dustin T Larry Lacey
5 Candi Jason W Kyle R jbrock Rick J Jason E Truman Mark S Kyle R Amy S
6 jbrock Tyler F Tracy S Larry Mark S Hadley Jason W Pop Pop Scott B Marty
9 Tuna Ron T Darryl Jason W Michelle Candice W Sarah T Brandon U Marty Pop Pop
2 Maurice Amy S Jay R Candice W Darryl Jake JamesD Hollis Dustin T Jarred T
8 Jason E Dorian Marty Ben D Marnie Steve B Dustin T Don C Mark S Erin
0 Mom S Pop Pop Candice W Tasha Tracy S Chrissy T Sarah T Tracy S JarredT Mom S

——————-Fine Print —————————
*Numbers will be drawn once all the squares all full.- DRAWN
*To win, your square must match the last digit of the Beavers score, and the last digit of the Ducks score, respectively.
*If the game goes to overtime, only the Final score matters, not the end of regulation.
*Please limit to a maximum of 4 squares per person unless it’s not full and almost game day.
*For entertainment purposes only… of course.
*Not responsible for bad officiating, weird plays, or you getting bad #’s




Thanks for playing.