I would like to take the time to thank the following people/entities:

-Dave Manson, for all his wonderful youtube videos, and inspiring me to tackle such a project. for all the other tank builders out there, who I have already learned so much from.

-My friend Dave W. for telling me all about UHMW, and talking me into using it, and now it is the key to many aspects of my build.

-Power Plastics (Portland, OR) for all my UHMW supply.

-And of course, my beautiful wife Erin for not getting mad at me for the hours I spend in the shop working on tank stuff, and for pretending to be interested when I bounce design ideas off of her.


So again, tank you all very much!


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  1. Stumbled onto your blog. What an awesome project. I am very impressed by the level of detail in your little M4. After 9 years in the Army as a Cavalry Scout, I love armored vehicles. I was able to drive many tracked vehicles from an M551 Sheridan, M113, M901, M2, M60A3, an M1A1 and even a Russian MTLB. I have always wanted my own Tank. Kudos to you! All it needs is a 40mm Nerf gun and you’d be set!

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